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When the first gate is brought down, take the graveyards as quickly as possible to get additional vehicles from the workshops.

Then it all resumes to synchronized attacks on the other gates. It’s a good thing as well if ranged DPSers take out the defensive turrets. With teamwork and maximum vehicle control, the keep can fall in less than 3 minutes.

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Fortnite is undoubtedlDoes your realm lose in most of the battlegrounds? The amount of honor you get is never enough? Your opponents seem to be impossible to defeat. I understand your frustration, I’ve been there too. I’m writing this article as a WoW battleground mobile India, to help every player to push their PvP to the limits, no matter the gear, skills, or the team that they play with.

WoW Battlegrounds Guide for a Solo Player

Everyone knows that a battleground is about teamwork, but there are battles when your team sucks so bad, the loss is inevitable, therefore, you should take a battle of your own. As a solo player in a BG that is lost even after the very first minutes, your aim is to kill as many players as you can, to maximize your honor. To do this simply go where the highest concentration of players is and kills all the ones that look poorly equipped. If you found one or two that meet these “requirements” and you can easily kill them, look for them all the duration of the BG and kill them as many times as you can.

When fighting at an interesting point in a BGMI, make sure you always swap targets and always hit the one that is highly damaged.

This WoW BG guide works for me all the time and even if the battle is lost, in the end I end up with the maximum of kills which makes me a winner.

WoW Battlegrounds Guide for Teams

There are battlegrounds where the players work together even if they are not premade groups. In these cases you should join forces and participate at the teams effort for the winning of the battleground. In this kind of battles, players are open to communication and ideas and they usually follow the tactics that sound best.

In this section of the article, I will describe in a few words a winner tactic for each WoW battleground.

WoW BG guide for Warsong Gulch

This WoW battleground guide consists in a tactic that divides the 10 players in 3 teams. One team for attack with a druid as flag carrier and a healer, a middle team with heavy armored DPS, healers, and crowd controllers, and a defending team with at least 3 heavy DPSers. The defense must concentrate on the healers of those who attack. Even if one picks up the flag and runs, the middle team will intercept him with no problem. The middle team must be flexible. They must control the middle and also help the flag carrier as well as the defense if needed. The flag team must steal the flag and take it as fast as possible to the middle team, and then to base.

WoW BG guide for Eye of the Storm

I’m a very big fan of the 2 bases – 1 flag tactic. This means that our team must take and defend 2 bases, which can be done easily with 3-4 players, and the rest of 7-8 charge at the flag, dominating the middle. The flag carrier must be a class with speed, a druid is indicated.

WoW Battleground guide for Alterac Valley

The best way to win the battle for this BG is to send a squad of stealthers as fast as possible to the opponent’s base to cap their base towers (5-6 of them are usually enough). The home base must be defended by about 10 players with at least 2 healers, heavy armored DPS, and some crowd controllers. The rest of the team must take control of the middle. When the opponent’s base towers are burned. All can rush in for the other team’s general.

WoW Battleground guide for Arathi Basin

The best way to dominate the battle in Arathi Basin and win is to take control of the Blacksmith to have equal reach for all the other bases, the Lumber Mill, to have the highest ground and then the closest base to your realms exit. Conquering these as fast as possible and then defending them is a granted success for this battleground.

WoW BG guide for Strand of the Ancients

This is the latest introduced battleground. For this BG the best strategy to win the mobile games is having a very fast attack on the keep. When the BG starts, make sure your team takes all the vehicles takes them to the same gate. All pedestrians must pick up the sanatorium for additional damage. y the best battle royale video game on the market right now. Major credit goes to Epic Games for its immense success. Their perseverance has led Fortnite to great extent, especially as they keep on adding new events, challenges, and updates to it. The game has recently entered its third season, and now it contains all-new quests, weapons, and skins. Season 3 of Fortnite is quite different from its previous two seasons because now it has been inspired by a DC character known as Aquaman. Thus, more than half the area of Fortnite is now immersed in water. Hence, most of the rules and nature of Fortnite have changed after that, and now gamers are facing a lot of difficulties even in the maneuver.

One of the essential aspects of the Fortnite games download is its weekly challenges, and it persists in Season 3 too. Now, the game is in its third-week challenges and in this blog, we are going to provide a guide to complete the coral buddy’s secret quest. The challenge is quite difficult because at first gamers need to find and then accomplish it. Below we have provided a proper guide to find and complete the Coral Buddies Secret quest.