Exploring the Process of Earning in Poker

Exploring the Process of Earning in Poker

There is a rather optimistic view that online poker may soon experience another boom. But before we turn to optimistic speeches about online poker, let’s take a look again at how we got to the present state.

Downward trend

The popularity of Situs Judi Online has gradually faded over the past few years and online poker, which is now one the most prominent games after the 2003 poker boom, was relegated to the rank of third-rate game. This accounts for about six per cent of all online gambling revenue in Europe according to the reports. For comparison, sports and online casino rates are 41% and 46%, respectively.

The Popularity

But this shift in priorities does not fully explain the current trend to reduce the importance of poker. And, despite a number of reasons, one stands out more than others.

The US Market

The loss of the US market due to UIGEA at the end of 2006 and the subsequent finishing blow in the form of Black Friday on April 15, 2011 is the main reason that gambling sites began to dig a poker grave. The US was the largest (in terms of the player pool) market in the online poker world, and when it was cut off, the size and scale of the online poker industry fell dramatically overnight.

It is impossible to compete with a company that has a 50-70% market share and is in fact the most beloved of the poker community. Therefore, in the end, many of these operators began to pay attention to other non-poker spheres. But it seems that this trend is changing, and companies can look again in the direction of online poker. And that’s why.

Renewed interest

The world of poker does not stand still, and while most professional players are not too enthusiastic about the new direction of its development (let’s call it the anti-Sheinberg movement), now that online poker sites have begun to develop its recreational model, other companies may be interested in investing money in their poker products.