Finer Values for the Perfect Cryptocurrency Trading Deals

Finer Values for the Perfect Cryptocurrency Trading Deals

Crypto is aimed primarily at commercial users or use cases (especially financial service providers such as banks). The ripple network is intended to enable, in a decentralized form, transactions between different participants in a worldwide payment network. Especially in recent times, however, the eponymous cryptocurrency (symbol: XRP) has risen through rapid price increases to one of the most popular Bitcoin alternatives. Currently, crypto is in second place in the list of the most valuable cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of 13.33 billion euros. Know the best with visit now.

crypto buy by direct purchase on Bitpanda

The Austrian provider Bitpanda offers as one of the few the opportunity to buy ripple directly with euros. This is currently the easiest way to get to crypto. Bitpanda offers besides SEPA-transfer and credit card also to buy crypto. Once the verification is completed, this is the fastest and cheapest way.

The steps to buying XRP on Bitpanda are as follows:

  • register on Bitpanda
  • Conduct account verification (via webcam in 3 minutes)
  • Transfer Euros to Bitpanda (free on SEPA, if you want fast you pay with SOFRT transfer 2% extra)
  • Select the amount in the ripple purchase form and you’re done!

Bitpanda is designed to make buying crypto (and other cryptocurrencies) as easy as possible. The verification required when opening an account is also easy via webcam. You are connected to a real person who takes photos of the pass through the webcam and this use to be the easiest way to buy ripple.

Buy crypto at Binance

Binance is a large exchange where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. However, the purchases are not made with euros, but only with other crypto currencies.

Binance enjoys a very good reputation in the scene (currently still based in Hong Kong, move soon to Malta). For an account with Binance an email address is enough. Verification is not necessary at first. For those who value privacy, Binance is a great alternative to buy ripple.

On Binance, only cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, as already stated, you must already own Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) in cryptocurrency (recommendation: ETH) to buy crypto. But no worry! We will explain you step by step how to do it.