Live casinos as the figureheads of the new providers

Live casinos as the figureheads of the new providers

Live casinos take online gaming fun to a higher level. The live games thrive on the interaction and communication with the charming live dealers . Thanks to modern live streaming technology, you can take part directly in the game. The new online casinos consistently access the services of the leading providers in this sector for their live areas. Many consistently rely on the undisputed market leader Evolution Gaming. My little live casino video gives you a good first impression of the live dealer casinos.

If you want to know more about the games offered in the live casinos and the most important live game providers, you should definitely take a look at my large live dealer casino page .

Particularly attentive customer service

The new providers must first develop their good reputation. A particularly competent and friendly customer service can contribute a lot to this. In the new online casinos you will often come across well-trained and motivated employees who, due to the initially lower number of customers, usually deal with your concerns very quickly. New providers are grateful for your suggestions and criticism and take both to heart rather than the top dogs. Just as you benefit from the efforts of the young casinos in this regard, they hope that in the best case scenario you will do word of mouth for them.

State of the art software

The new casinos very often use particularly user-friendly software for the best possible gaming pleasure . Usually these are the most current real money slots of the most sophisticated programs . These deal confidently with the large amounts of data that arise in a modern online casino. At the same time, they are extremely stable, so that a large number of players can access the providers’ servers at the same time. All data transfers are encrypted , thus guaranteeing the highest possible security standard .

Another quality feature of the software solutions used is that they work just as well on the smartphone or tablet as on the home PC. In practice, you simply call up the games in your browser on all devices. An extra app is not necessary for Android or iOS .

Similar to the live dealer games, there are highly specialized providers who provide complete software packages for operating an online casino . Some of the best known companies that offer such so-called white label solutions for new casinos are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. White label casinos are widespread, of the well-known providers only 888 Casino has developed its own software (Dragonfish). White label solutions are of course the first choice for young providers.

Play in the new online casinos on the go

In the past, there were clear differences between individual online casinos in terms of the number and quality of the mobile games provided. More and more players are accessing the casino pages from mobile devices . Therefore, today no provider can afford to lag behind the competition on this point. This is especially true for the new online casinos , where you can simply call up the games in the browser of your iPhone or Android smartphone via the web app .

The best new online casino for all mobile devices

Unfortunately, I can only briefly touch on this important topic here. Much more detailed information about the mobile casino apps can be found if you follow the link.

The disadvantages of the new providers

With all the advantages that new online casinos have, there are of course some disadvantages that I do not want to hide from you. Established providers such as Ladbrokes or CherryCasino have many years of experience in the iGaming industry, from which customers benefit every day. Of course, there are no more teething problems with the long-established Internet casinos. In addition, they have numerous extremely well-versed and experienced employees who are ready to assist you with any questions or problems.

I have briefly listed for you the problems that can arise with new providers.

    Not every game and every feature is immediately available

    The software does not run smoothly from the start

    The customer service has yet to import

    The bonus offers and promotions change often irritatingly at first

    The new casino cannot survive in the market. In the event of insolvency, your credit is protected with licensed providers

Of course, when I test a new casino I pay attention to each and every one of these points. If a provider is permanently weak in even one of these categories, he will not even make it to my side.