Make the Best Use with the Poker scanning system for sale

Make the Best Use with the Poker scanning system for sale

Texas Hold ’em is one of the most popular forms of poker whose popularity has increased since the 2000s due to exposure to television, the Internet and entertainment literature. As this time while they keep replacing Seven-Card Stud game most common US casinos.

Marked Poker Cards have developed the successful scanning system for Texas Holdem players. This houses the advantages of convenience, accuracy and efficiency. It can and tell you the best main, first and second best hands and also the player all rows in the holdem game within 0.1 seconds with 100% hit rate. Through this beyond de system you will operate alone. No partner needed in the game!

Hardware components of the system:

  1. A host machine (an i phone, Nokia or Blackberry phone, etc)
  2. A scan camera (the camera can be installed on cell phones, car keys, lighters, etc.)
  3. A little headphone
  4. Barcode marked cards
  5. A speaker (used to test the operating condition of the system)

How does it work ?

And everyone also knows that the poker scanner system can either predict winning hands or signal cards one by one. It is much more practical than cards marked with bright contact lenses, cards marked with glasses. Because he can know the best winning hand and the second winning hand directly.

It can be used individually, many poker players like this kind of cheating poker device.

However, this means that it is known by many people and very universal now.

Maybe it can be said another way, the poker scanning system is not safe now.

According to this situation, this new Poker scanning system for sale – one on a scanner system came into being.

You may need your sweeping camera and poker predictor to be unique, which cannot be verified by other poker cheating devices.

New scanning camera works with new barcode cards, the real sense on a scanner system. They cannot be checked by other scanning cameras, cannot be detected by any other poker analyzer, and also cannot be detected by the money detector.

The new poker streak camera can installed in chip box, TV, Sound Box and so on, different options are available.

No doubt, you don’t have to worry about who marked the poker cards, infrared contact lenses, cards marked with sunglasses, and the infrared camera are not safe now.

Most importantly, the new scanning camera can work with your old poker analyzer, you just need to change a new poker camera and new barcode cards, and then you can own your scanner system. Winner Poker’s unrivalled unique poker predictor.