One Of The Best Recent Comedy Rom Cinema

One Of The Best Recent Comedy Rom Cinema

The most effective motion picture in raj tarun’s career is oreybujjiga, He has actually literally offered his best shots and performance for this movie. Not only is it a luck for his career however likewise for all the people who have worked with this motion picture. In brief it is an enchanting comedy of Bujji as well as Krishnaveni. You can gladly rest behind, unwind as well as appreciate this lovely film on Aha. It makes you laugh and also even like harder. OreyBujjiga motion picture online availability is a big plus factor that every single person can gain access to. Not just thisOreyBujjiga there are many Latest Telugu movies online on aha.

OreyBujjiga flick takes a leap to a tiny town called Nidadavolu. It’s a lovely town where every little thing goes well, people are kind. There live Bujji and also Krishnaveni. Together, in Bujji and also Krishnaveni homes deal with weddings independently, they don’t like it so they intend to vacate your house. And in addition bujji has a partner in hyderabad. So he intends ahead fulfill her as well as stay with his good friends. Krishnaveni is a strong lady that is ambitious concerning profession. She chose to begin her company in hyderabad. So one great evening they both take the exact same train. They do not recognize each other’s names either till they enter the train. They enter the train then Bujji tries to flirt with her, so she gives him a fake name as swathi where Bujji discloses his origins name as sreenu. They speak well on the train, as well as build good bonds. After coming to hyderabadsreenu assists her with a dazzling concept as well as at some point they become service companions. See the motion picture to know just how their bond developed and do they reveal their identity.

Technical Aspects:
● OreyBujjiga is a terrific movie with a great story. It is among the very best entertaining films which was released in the lockdown. Everyone who has actually watched this movie will absolutely break out.
● The major factor to view this movie is it’s insane discussions, the punch dialogues had legendary timing and also good command.
● The music of OreyBujjiga is impressive, entirely harmonic and also calming to the ears. These tunes will certainly leave you speechless with lovely verses and songs.
● Cinematography needs great claps. Trivialities have been adhered to well with smartness and also boldness.

Musician Performance:
● Raj tarun is knotelugu actor, his acting has actually gone over in all his films which additionally consists of OreyBujjiga.
● Malvika Nair, she acted perfectly throughout the movie. Must claim that she lugged emotions well.
● Hebah Patel, as always she was fun to view.

Cast and also Staff:
Actor: Raj Tharun
Starlet: Malvika Nair
Various other actors: Naresh, Hebah Patel, Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra
Supervisor: Vijay Kumar Konda
Author: Vijay Kumar Konda
Producer: K.K. Radhamohan
Songs Director: Anup Rubens
Cinematography: Andrew

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