The best tips for sports betting

A few years ago, I began to bet on sports because I’m a huge sports fan. I tried to be intuitive, but it didn’t work out. I thought “I know this game, I know these players, so I should be pretty competent at this.” I was wrong. I was fortunate that I didn’t place too many bets, so my losses didn’t add up. The Sports Betting Champ then caught my eye. I will share my thoughts and how I feel about the product today.

I was skeptical as I read more about the Sport Betting Champ. John Morrison, the founder of the system claims to have won 97%. This is absurd. While I was always a believer in 60%- 70% being a good rate, 97% seemed impossible. I thought John might have been lucky with this 97% winning percentage. I was wrong. John’s system was so sophisticated that he has won 288 NBA bets over the past five seasons. This gives you a winning percentage at 97.6%.

I was beginning to feel a little excited by the product. However, I had the discipline to not let my enthusiasm get the better of me and keep learning more about the product in order to confirm its authenticity. Next, I did a search on google and yahoo to see what people thought about the product. I was shocked to see that nobody had anything negative to say about this product. This was another positive sign.

I looked into alternatives to the sports betting software to determine if it was worth the investment. I spoke with a sports handicapper. He was a salesman with great pitch. He guaranteed the best picks, and he would guarantee winning results throughout the year. It sounded great until he reached the price. It cost more than twice that of the Sports Betting Champ to get a full-season of picks. The Sports Betting Champ system allows you to pick for a lifetime, while the handicapper is limited to a single season and at a higher price. Other NBA link vao new88 betting systems were also available. This site had great picks, and it was guaranteed to win. I was very excited about this product, but it was more costly than the sports handicapper.

I decided to take up the Sports Betting Champ. Everything I had read was true. I began winning bets almost immediately. The only downside I found was the lack of games available to bet on in the season. Only a couple of games were available to bet on during the week, which made it a little slow for the money to arrive. Morrison’s selective betting approach is what makes Morrison’s product so popular, but it can also be frustrating, because if you win all your wagers, you will want to bet every day. It sounds insane, but perhaps that is why I don’t make good sports betting. I am grateful for the Sports Betting Champ’s guidance.