Why Beanies should be your go-to for this winter

Why Beanies should be your go-to for this winter

Winter is coming! And so is the winter couture. We know that winter couture is the thing we look forward to every winter as it is one of the most stylish and varied couture. Shawls, cardigans, vests, leather jackets, leather pants, and a new fav that has stolen our hearts for a long time, called beanies. Beanies are also coming back, and we cannot express how gorgeous they are and make our couture complete. But this is not the only reason we think beanies should be your go-to for this winter. Here’s is a list of benefits that a beanie can give you this winter:

1. Beanies help you stay warm: See, we can list all the benefits here, but it is imperative to start with something that is the primary function of a beanie, and that is it helps you stay warm. And many people get headaches because of cold scalp and hair, and they feel their ears being cold while traveling. A beanie helps keep your hair, scalp, and years warm so that your chances of catching a cold lessens. It’s more conventional than a hat as it provides warmth and coverage to your forehead, ears, and head. Also, it is said that if you keep an uncovered head in winters, you are more likely to get sick, and it can trigger blood vessel constriction in other parts of the body. Plus, even if your hands and body are covered, our head can send cold shivers throughout your body.

2. Beanies can convey your essence: Nowadays, there are custom printed beanies, which means you can have your beanies say anything you like, or have a design you feel connected to, or some symbol that denotes something to you. You can either choose custom printed beanies or get your own embroidered beanies, as embroidered beanies are gaining a significant trend amongst teens. This is because everyone wants to personalize their clothing to express themselves and have a one of a kind item in your couture.

3. Beanies get Sun-protection: Beanies provide you extra protection from the sun by protecting yourself UV rays, which is a concern for your skin and body. UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer and all the diseases. Not just this, snowy areas are more prone to infections caused by UV radiation as snow gives out the reflection of the UV rays that is harmful. Even though winters are our love and as much as we love to get soaked in the sun and wander our to spend times in the cafe’s and go out with friends, and beanies will help you not just stand out but give you protection against the sun but stand out in front of your friends.

4. Beanies provide you a style statement: Are you having a bad hair day? Or is your hair greasy, and you have an upcoming event that you do not want to take that shower? No one wants to endure that. A beanie will help you protect your hair escapades and also create a style statement. A lot of people are going crazy about the trend of #beanie.

So get those beanies whether you want them to be printed, or customized, complete your winter couture look, and not just because they make you stand out in your group and still help you speak out your essence. Not only this, your beanies will help you cover your head and ears, thus protecting you from getting ill. And don’t forget the UV protection it gives, so you are not just wearing the beanie but its benefits too!